1930s Hong Kong - a father and son, went in search of their fortune.

The Leungs were running their import-export business between Malaya and Hong Kong, when they found it in the vacuum flask. There was no steady supply, so the son sailed home to Hong Kong and built his own. Out of spare glass and metal he created an icon. He named his company 'Camel' to reflect the flask's function and the tenacity he'd need to see his company through thick and thin.  

Since the 1940s Camel's story has mirrored Hong Kong's through war, financial crises, and political uncertainties. The company remains constant in creating useful products. Camel is still run by the Leung family, and every flask is still made in Hong Kong. They always will be. Camel believes in Hong Kong.  This is a new horizon, and we invite you to join us on our continuing adventure. Welcome.